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Retail Loss Prevention System

Industry leaders in Retail Management Software We expected something extraordinary, So We built it.

RELOPS holds a vital role in the retail industry. Our in-store products enable retailers to manage their merchandise or supermarkets to reduce the operational cost and time and increases their revenue and profits…




Why Retailers choose RELOPS?

There are various retail management software options out there. So, why do retailers of India choose RELOPS ?


Manage your inventory and check stock levels in real time. Receive low inventory notifications and generate purchase orders to replenish stock.

Billing and

Manage all billing and invoices operations at a fast pace. All you need a browser and it works with our state of the art Point Of Sale (POS) hardware.


With built-in features, keep track of all your customer accounts with ease. Add multiple contacts, private notes, and review their purchase history.


Loyal Customers are the backbone of any industry and our software helps you offer them lucrative deals to retain them.


Track each and every sales transactions and revenue coming in to the retail outlet to prevent any losses in business.

Offers &

Manage Offers, discounts and loyalty programs to augment your sales process and increase customer retention.


Safe and robust system to ensure that there is no data loss or discrepancy and all your data stays confidential.


You can create roles for all employee levels to maintain accountability, hierarchy and chain of command


Manage your vendors, their invoices and billing as well as seasonal discounts offered by Vendor.

Why Choose RELOPS

Why Do Retailers love using RELOPS Retail Management Solution?

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Most Trusted

RELOPS is the most trusted platform used with powerful and easy to use hardware to help you manage your store, no matter what size or type.

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Awesome Support

With a 24 Hour support system, we make sure that your system and work flow never stops. Be it a replacement machine or a technical Visit, we ensure you are always up and running.

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Pre-Built automated platform

RELOPS provides your business an automated and efficient platform to manage the operations of retail business and runs smoothly.
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1 Year Warranty

We stand by our hardware products and honor a 1 year warranty. Software updates during this year are also provided along with the support.

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Single Point of Contact

A software which is compatible with the hardware, gives you a one stop shop for managing all your store needs. With a single point of contact, you have it all covered.

Select the type of your business!

We understand that not every store has the same needs. Tell us what, you sell. we’ll tell you how we can help you.


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What is RELOPS ?

Retail Loss Prevention system is specifically designed to meet all the operational needs of diverse retail businesses and to provide them an additional edge over traditional business model. It helps them to manage their day-to-day operations with more effectiveness and efficiency that further aid in preventing losses and preserving profits. 

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    Advantages of RELOPS

    RELOPS reduces costs, it is agile in nature i.e. responsive to customers, is flexible, safe, and easy to access. It has not been only working over all continents, but also has the leap into Electronic Trendsetting.

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