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Prominent Manufacturer of Retail Loss Prevention System.

We at “RELOPS ” are dedicated to provide an extraordinary operation to prevent retailer’s stock loss, manage your inventory and create a great in-store customer experience.

With the excellence and research in various industries, we understand the whole business environment that how they were working and how their operations work, sectors in which RELOPS Founders having 15 years of experience in the industry such as Retail, Restaurants, opticals, Multi-outlets & Supermarket. They just not noticed but they experienced a lot of similarities that most businesses have and problems businesses faced during the flow of their business operations. They are many similar problems faced by an employer or shop owner.


Many businesses with an inventory don’t have an efficient way to organize & track everything.


Many businesses spend too much time creating estimates and sending invoices.


Billing Customers can be a headache and often requires a lot of manual labor.


Computers can crash regularly & negatively cause a big impact on day-to-day operations.


Most Salespeople rely on handwritten notes for keeping track of their leads.

What we Believe

We Believe in managing a business can do a lot faster, easier and even more enjoyable. We believe your Information should be secure and safety backed-up at all times.

Who we are

RELOPS is an initiative taken by our Founding team members to provide value-oriented products and services to various businesses in various sectors such as Retail, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets.

Features designed for you

Smart Solution

RELOPS helps to use the software very easily in the cloud. It has no software to install, it costs you minimum rate and which controls your complete business operations from anywhere, anytime.

Super Hardware

RELOPS offers advanced multi-store and multichannel capabilities, with innovative business logic and smart workflows for future retail.


RELOPS has in-store security products enable retailers to manage the shrink of their merchandise and in return increase their revenue and profit. It reduces the losses in stock.
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